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Pirelli Scorpion™ XC H

Pirelli Scorpion™ XC H

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The pattern tread of Scorpion™ XC H is made up of low, densely packed knobs with reduced height to increase speed and limit deforming when cornering on hardpack terrain.

Single Compound

SmartGRIP Compound is an advanced compound developed using motorsport experience. The single compound provides constant high grip performance both in wet and dry conditions, even when the tread starts to wear.


All tyres available in LITE version are dedicated to maximum rolling efficiency and suppleness: using a lighter carcass to increase speed and riding feel.


ProWALL sidewall reinforcement technology increases puncture protection and improves handling at low pressures. An additional layer of Nylon fabric is applied over the casing sidewalls for extra protection and improved cornering stability.

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